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Policy Review Cycle


Safe Guarding Policy

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Review Cycle 
Acceptable Use Of Live Streaming Policy   
Acceptable Use of Technology by Staff   
Admissions Policy3rd November 2021Autumn 20243 Years
Attendance Policy Autumn 2023 
Business Continuity PlanSept 2021Autumn 20243 Years 
Community Cohesion Policy  3 Years
Complaints Policy Autumn 20233 Years
Data Protection / GDPRMarch 2022Spring 20231 Year

Health and Safety / Fire Policy

 Spring 20233 Years
Healthcare Needs Policy14th October 2020Spring 20221 Year
ICT, social media, safe and acceptable use of the internet12th May 2021Summer 20243 Years
Intimate Care and Toilet Policy14th October 2020Autumn 20233 Years
Learning Outside the Classroom14th October 2020Autumn 20233 Years
LettingsSummer 2022Summer 20231 Year 
Medical needs/ Administration of Medicines14th October 2020
Autumn 20233 Years
Physical Intervention Policy14th October 2020Autumn 20233 Years
Safeguarding and Child protectionAutumn 2022Autumn 20231 Year
School uniform  3 Years
Strategic Equality Plan17th March 2021Spring 20254 Years
Substance Misuse Policy14th October 2020Autumn 20233 Years


Safeguarding Policy Request

If you would like a paper copy of any of our safeguarding policies, please contact the school office using this submission form. Please clearly state which policy you require.