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ALN and Universal Provision at Glais

Fully Inclusive


At Glais Primary School, everyone works together to ensure all of our learners feel valued and listened to so that they get the right support to help them learn, develop their talents and achieve their goals. Our universal provision ensures that all learners can access common opportunities in ways relevant to their needs. 


ALN Code (2021) sets out its aims that underpin an inclusive ALN System.​

‘To support the creation of a fully inclusive education system where all learners are given the opportunity to succeed and have access to an education that meets their needs and enables them to participate in, benefit from, and enjoy learning. ’ ​


What is Universal Provision?


Universal Provision is the responsibility of all teachers and staff within a mainstream school to make learning and the environment as accessible as possible for all learners.


Targeted Provision is initiated when a learner is identified as having an ALN and an ALP is needed. This Additional Learning Provision is identified and detailed in the learner’s Individual Development Plan (IDP).


Specialist Provision will be in place for those learners with severe and complex ALN. There will be a need for Local Authority and multi-agency involvement to support the IDP.

Universal Provision at Glais


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